Verwarmen met de warmte van morgen.

SPEEDHEAT has been supplying 1 mm thin electric heating for floors and walls for 30 years. They have been the pioneer in the Netherlands since 1986. The system with capacities from 50-200 W / m² (depending on application) can be installed in almost all situations, heats up very quickly and can be controlled accurately for each room. In addition, it has a high yield, relatively low investment and high user comfort. “We believe in a sustainable future with the least possible energy consumption,” says Jeanine Prang, director of Speedheat Netherlands B.V. “Electric heating i.c.m. an environmentally conscious generation system (eg solar panels) together form a sustainable future-oriented heating solution. Participating in green heating Heated is therefore a logical step for us. We would like to tell you more about the possibilities at our stand G2.1! ”

Sustainable building
With green heating, the heat pump is often called the same as the heating solution. However, this is not the best solution in all cases. Plus one forgets to look at the basis of sustainable building. Making a home as sustainable as possible, so that the heat demand goes down! And that starts with good insulation. What follows is a sustainable way of generating energy (eg solar panels) and a fast and efficient heating system for heat release, such as Speedheat’s electric heating.

Most economical way of heating
Electric heating with Speedheat is a more than serious alternative to the heat pump, says Jeanine. “But unfortunately that is not always seen. Electric is traditionally labeled as ‘expensive’ and although it was indeed the case years ago (think of the electric radiant heater), it is no longer that way. In fact, heating with our electric underfloor heating is only about five percent more expensive, if we only look at the energy consumption. If we also take into account the investment of the heat pump, the annual maintenance and the replacement after approx. 15 years, sustainable electrical heating is in fact already more economical “. Bouwvisie’s advisor was even so pleased with the results that he considered the Speedheat system with electric underfloor heating and solar panels for his own new home.