What is the address of the Expo Haarlemmermeer?

Expo Haarlemmermeer
Stelling 1
2141 SB Vijfhuizen

What are the opening hours of the exhibition?

Tuesday, March 19th from 10:00 to 18:00 hours
Wednesday, March 20th from 10:00 to 18:00 hours
Thursday, March 21st from 10:00 to 18:00 hours

I registered myself but did not receive my ticket. How can I solve this?

After registering, you can immediately download your e-ticket with barcode from the website and your e-ticket with barcode is sent directly to the provided e-mail address. It may be that your e-ticket has arrived in your spam box. If you have not downloaded or you have lost your e-ticket, you can re-send your e-ticket. Please go to the registration page and look for the option to re-send your e-ticket. By filling in your e-mail address you will receive your e-ticket again. Still not received? Please contact us by calling to +3172 572 97 94 or send an e-mail to info@greenheatingsolutions.nl.

Where can I park?

At the Expo Haarlemmermeer there is a large parking lot. Here you can park your car during the fair. The costs of parking are € 8, – incl. VAT per day.

Is there a separate entrance for Green Heating Solutions or Solar Solutions Int.?

No, both fairs can be reached via the main entrance of the Expo Haarlemmermeer.

Is my e-ticket for Green Heating Solutions also valid for Solar Solution International?

Yes, your e-ticket for Green Heating Solutions is also valid for Solar Solutions International.

Is my e-ticket valid for all days?

Yes, your e-ticket is valid for all days.

Can I charge my electric car at the Expo Haarlemmermeer?

The Expo Haarlemmermeer has only a few electric charging points to charge your electric car. Please note that the chance is small that there is an available charging point.

What facilities are there for disabled people?

The Expo Haarlemmermeer is of course easily accessible for disabled people. For example, there are parking spaces for disabled people. Stands are wheelchair friendly.

Is there a wardrobe available in the Expo Haarlemmermeer?

In the complex of the Expo Haarlemmermeer there is a guarded wardrobe at the entrance. The costs for using the wardrobe is € 1,50 per item.

Does the Expo Haarlemmermeer have lockers?

No lockers are available in the Expo Haarlemmermeer. If you want to leave things behind, this can also be done at the wardrobe. The price per item is € 1,50.

Is it possible to pay with card at the Expo Haarlemmermeer?

At the Expo Haarlemmermeer it is possible to pay with card at the service desk, at the catering points, at the parking machines and at the wardrobe.

Where can I go for lost & found items?

Found objects are collected by the Expo Haarlemmermeer. If you have lost an item, you can contact the Expo Haarlemmermeer by phone: +3123 566 0140 or by e-mail: info@expohaarlemmermeer.nl.

Are there any restaurants in the area?

The center of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Hoofddorp is less than a 10-minute drive from the Expo Haarlemmermeer. Here are plenty of options to go for a nice dinner.

I would like to stay informed about Green Heating Solutions is that possible?

To keep up-to-date for all activities of Green Heating Solutuions you can follow us by LinkedIn, Facebook or by subscribing for the newsletter. This is easy from the website www.greenheatingsolutions.nl.

I did not find my answer on the website. Who can I contact?

You can contact us by sending an email to: info@greenheatingsolutions.nl or by calling +31 72 572 97 94.